Contrast tasks this week

So I’m going to try to post each week things that are happening with Contrast so you can be praying and in the loop so to speak. This wednesday the 29th, I am meeting with Carlos Whittaker, the worship director from Buckhead Church. He has an awesome blog called Ragamuffin Soul that deals with authenticity, worship, creativity, and life. I highly recommend it.   So we’re meeting on Wednesday to talk about Contrast and see what kind of advice he can give. I don’t know what to expect, but have had several people tell me to talk to him. Just pray that we are sensitive to what God wants us to discuss and that we accomplish what he wants us to accomplish. 

Another individual I am going to attempt contact this week is a painter from New York City named Makoto Fujimura. He is a big time advocate of good, high quality Christian art and is a founder of the International Arts movement. I believe he could be invaluable asset to Contrast, and I’m excited to see how God wants to use him in this. Maybe he could help us with doing a show here in Atlanta??? So I’m going to attempt to contact him through facebook, but perhaps a face-to-face meeting is in the future. Then I’ll need God to provide funding and a plane ticket 🙂

I am so excited about this project and how it is coming together.


~ by Josh Booth on October 24, 2008.

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