Prayer Update

So, praying everyday for something specific is tough. Well, it is for me at least. Not because I don’t believe in the power of prayer, but because I’m ADD and forget easily. So to remedy that, I am going to post my prayer for Contrast each day on here. This is good for at least a couple of reasons: 

  1. I am held accountable to pray everyday, like I committed to.
  2. You guys get to see where my heart is (and God’s heart for that matter) for Contrast, and hopefully pray along with me.
  3. It keeps us focused on God, the author & creator of this movement & the only One who can make this happen. Without Him this is just pointless and a failure. 

My dad says that prayer is a tool God uses to show us where His heart is. I’m eager to see where God’s heart is for Contrast during the next 6 months. And feel free to post your own prayers on here in comments. I would love to see how God is laying Contrast on your heart.


~ by Josh Booth on January 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Prayer Update”

  1. Lord, I ask You to use Contrast to influence thousands for Your kingdom and glory. Wake up believers who are satisfied with religious tradition instead of intimacy with You. Wake US up! Forgive us for the way we have tried to reach others by being “churchy”, instead of being like Christ. Help us to love those who don’t know You like You love them.
    Lord, I can’t wait to see what You are up to through Contrast! Give Josh clear direction and help him recognize Your activity. Help him not to depend on his own understanding, but to continue to seek Your wisdom. Please continue to help his heart beat with Yours. Connect all the other artists You have been speaking to about this. Help them do their work with excellence…just like You do.
    Thank you, Trainer Jesus, for all You have done and will do in the future. We love you, the Creator of all creativity!

  2. Oh, Lord! What a blessing to be a part of this. Did you really choose me? Did you really choose each one of us and call us out by name? You know the things that we can accomplish. Thank you Jesus that YOU believe in us far more than we can imagine and that you have a vision for every part of our lives. I pray that you would reveal to us great and unsearchable things – and that we would be patient and faithful and BOLD. I know that your word goes out and does not return to you void. i ask for favor with churches, artists, communities, friends… i ask for a vision for something far greater than i am.

    Jesus, I pray that contrast would be a means for your glory to increase in this world.
    Give us understanding, show us the way everlasting.
    remind us not to be safe. you are not safe. You are good.

    here’s my heart, Lord.
    make it yours.

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