Prayer: 01-21-09


I blew it yesterday. I totally forgot to pray for Contrast. I am so sorry.  I am so sorry I let life get in the way. Father, I am so committed to this, but I need Your help. I need Your help knowing when to work on this, and when to wait. Above all, God, I want my priority to remain in You before anything else in my life. 

You are amazing, God. Thank you for bringing people into my life that pray for me and Contrast. Thank you for Your help, God. Use Contrast  for Your glory, God. Use it to draw people to You and show them Your love.

Father, I need work! I need consistent work, God, to pay for my bills! Bless me financially, God, so I can continue to handle my finances Your way. I just want to serve You, God; meet my needs like You promised to do. Help me not to worry about where the money will come from or when it come, God, but also help me to do what needs to be done to generate income. Help me find the right job, God, that gives me opportunities to use my strengths for Your glory. Lead me in the right direction, God. Direct my steps to where You want to go.

Help me to be wise God. Help me be wise in how I spend my time, money, energy, and attention. Help me see danger from far away and make corrections, God, instead of suffering through it needlessly. Thank you for using me God when I deserve nothing but punishment. I love You, God.

~ by Josh Booth on January 21, 2009.

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