Prayer: 02-05-09


You are a God of Love. You are magnificent and all-powerful. You created this world that completely blows our mind with just a thought and whisper. You created us for Your glory and enjoyment. When we blew it, God, You didn’t discount us. You saved us. 

You continually save us.

You rescued us with Noah during the flood. You rescued us through Joseph in Egypt with the famine. You rescued us through Moses leading the Israelites out of Egpyt. God, I’m completely fascinated at that story. You orchestrated those events so Moses would be in the right place at the right time. You showed him incredible signs of Your power, and he still had trouble believing. I still am captivated by when Your cloud and fire held off the Egyptians on their way into the Red Sea. How freaking amazing was that!!! Awesome!!!

You are an amazing, spectacular God! You created galaxies we will never see for Your own personal enjoyment! You can calm the seas and create the storms at Your command. You can penetrate our motives and our hearts. You love when we want to hate. You show mercy when we deserve punishment.  You give us more when we want less; You give us best when we want better. You are righteous, just, and holy. You are holy. You are holy, and we are not, God. 

You are a mystery! You aren’t a formula that we can figure out. You don’t follow our rules or expectations. You are God, and we are not. You shame the wise with the foolish. You tell us to love our enemies. You tell us that to gain our lives we must lose them. You love us by making us choose to love You back. Nothing is unseen by You, God. 

And all You ask from us God is to trust You. It was our lack of trust in You that separated us from You, and it is the only way we can be united again with You. 

I trust You, Father. Wherever You take me, whatever You have for me, I will follow. 

Contrast is in Your hands.

~ by Josh Booth on February 5, 2009.

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