Prayer: 01-28-09

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Thank you for Contrast. Thank you for what it means to this nation. God, use me to rally artists all across the nation to You. Help me to lead them to what You have planned. 

God, I can not let this pass me by. Father, I am fighting for this, but these economic troubles are distracting. I know I need to work on Contrast, but I also need to be faithful in trying to find work. Help me to trust You, and find the right  balance of these things, Lord. I just want to serve You in the best way possible!

Father, use Contrast to reach thousands of people all across this world. Shake this world without using our voices. Use our eyes, hands, feet, and hearts, Lord. They are Yours after all.

Help us God to lead lives worthy of the calling You have given us. Help us to be authentic Christians, and may we be known by our LOVE instead of any other reason God. 

It’s all for Your glory God.

Prayer: 01-26-09

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for these difficult circumstances. Thank you for allowing me to go through this period of extreme brokenness, Father. You are my Trainer and my Teacher. You are teaching me compassion and dependence. You are teaching me brokenness, and how to handle difficulties. You are teaching me peace when there is danger right next to me. You are teaching me to control what I can and giving me resiliency in the process. God, I remember when I was training for my fight how my body was constantly sore, beaten, and bruised, but able to withstand so much more when the time for the fight came. I had been willingly beaten so I would be ready for much more. I will not give up on You, God. Don’t give up on me! I put my HOPE and my TRUST and my life in YOUR HANDS. I still believe in Your goodness, God! 

Father, I can’t get this song out of my heart. It is my war-cry! “Lead me to the cross where your love poured out. Bring me to my knees Lord I lay me down. RID ME OF MYSELF, I belong to You. Oh lead me, lead me to the cross.”

God, I beg You to use me as an advocate for Christian artists. Use this time of my life, God, where I have so many potential works of art but no resources to produce them. Use me as an example to churches on the importance of supporting their own artists. Father, I dream of a day when churches sponsor and support their artists not for what they can get back out of it but because they understand the potential life change that happens through artwork. God I want to see Contrast using funds to support artists, but more importantly I want to see the local church doing it God. I want to see more than allowing an art show in their hallways or occasionally showing something on stage. Father, please lay on the hearts of Your church INTENTIONALITY.  

Give us artists favor in the eyes of Your bride, that we might continue to build her up and affirm her the best way we know how – by revealing through our difficulties, our joys, our sorrows, and our victories the ways You speak to us through pigment, light, stone, music, and pixels. The gift of being an artist Father, is that we get to show the world in tangible ways what we see through our eyes that nobody else notices and what You show us deep in our hearts that we make come alive. Thank you for making us artists. Thank you for the details of life that nobody else may notice unless we create a way to bring it to the light.

Prayers (missed)

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Well guys… life gets in the way some times.

I can honestly say I have prayed for Contrast the last couple days, but I have not been in position to write them down or type them out.

You just have to trust me.

I’ve prayed 🙂

Have you?

Prayer: 01-22-09

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Use Contrast. Use it to bring people to You. Help us create works of art that reflect Your magnitude as Creator. Help us to run to this world, God, instead of shrinking back in fear or disgust. Give us Your eyes, Father, to see those around as You see them. 

Grant us favor, God. Bless us.  Bless us financially so we can accomplish the tasks You give us. Bless us creatively so we can earn favor with our peers and critics. May the art we create be the quality that reflects Your goodness and draw people to what You want to say to them. Give us the skill we are going to need, God.

We love you.

Prayer: 01-21-09

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I blew it yesterday. I totally forgot to pray for Contrast. I am so sorry.  I am so sorry I let life get in the way. Father, I am so committed to this, but I need Your help. I need Your help knowing when to work on this, and when to wait. Above all, God, I want my priority to remain in You before anything else in my life. 

You are amazing, God. Thank you for bringing people into my life that pray for me and Contrast. Thank you for Your help, God. Use Contrast  for Your glory, God. Use it to draw people to You and show them Your love.

Father, I need work! I need consistent work, God, to pay for my bills! Bless me financially, God, so I can continue to handle my finances Your way. I just want to serve You, God; meet my needs like You promised to do. Help me not to worry about where the money will come from or when it come, God, but also help me to do what needs to be done to generate income. Help me find the right job, God, that gives me opportunities to use my strengths for Your glory. Lead me in the right direction, God. Direct my steps to where You want to go.

Help me to be wise God. Help me be wise in how I spend my time, money, energy, and attention. Help me see danger from far away and make corrections, God, instead of suffering through it needlessly. Thank you for using me God when I deserve nothing but punishment. I love You, God.

Prayer: 01-19-09

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It’s so hard to know what to do right now. There’s a big part of me that wants to put all my attention on Contrast and making that happen, but the lack of work distracts me from being able to do that. I find myself constantly fighting between working on this and trying to find work. God it’s even more frustrating when the efforts I do put into finding work become dead ends, or another person gets the job. Please deliver me from this famine! Help me to know where to look and where to apply. Deliver me from this so I can focus on the work You have called me to do.  Help me to find a job that enables me to do what You’re calling me to do with art and provide for my needs at the same time.

Prayer: 01-17-09

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Thank you for Contrast and the idea behind this great movement You are orchestrating. Thank you for the people who have heard about Contrast’s mission and accepted it. Help us to find those people, God, who are crucial to the survival of this organization.

Thank you for my meeting on Friday with Milano. Thank you for his support and influence, his hope and  prayers for Contrast. Thank you for his words of encouragement and his love for You. You are amazing to have orchestrated such an amazing meeting, God.

Thank you for who You are, and what You are doing, God. I love You.